About us

 Lisbon cleaning service  is the right choice when you seeks to combine price with quality. It is a new service  to save even more and always available to help you with a wide range of cleaning services for Condominiums, Private Houses, Restaurants, Offices, Post Works, Events, Elderly support, Garden and Pool Maintenance and Water Treatment

The customer has at his disposal a fast and excellent service to ensure our commitment of proximity and excellence. We provide cleaning service teams with technical and commercial skills that are duly qualified and subject to continuous training so that we can respond and satisfy our clients.

With our MAINTENANCE, Limpa Lisboa offers another service with a variety range of chemicals and paper consumables, offering different lines for industrial hygiene. Limpa Lisboa is a company that is seriously concerned about the environment and maintaining the proper use of natural resources, so we provide continuous training in all recyclable and biodegradable products to offer our customers products with certification.

Our main advantages are our professionalism and our proven experience. Our teams of highly qualified technicians provide you with the fastest and most efficient service to your needs.

Lisbon cleaning service provides you with a  hygiene and maintenance service for the comfort, safety and well being of your space.

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