LimpaLisboa launches range of its own-brand cleaning products! Also available for sale to the public.

We continue to invest in a quality service so that your home shines every day.

Cleaning products

Economical products!

Generic cleaning products, used by our teams but you can also buy for your own use. Soon more detailed information will be available.

Cleaning Machinery

Vacuum Cleaners, Filters, Scrubbers, etc.

Machinery for various processes of hygiene. Soon we will provide more images of our articles: Vacuum Cleaners, Filters, Scrubbers, Sweepers, Rotary, etc.

Hygiene Complements

Batchers, towel racks, rugs, etc.

Complements for various hygiene processes. Soon we will make available images of our articles: Dilution System of Concentrates with Water, etc.

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