We carry out all types of cleaning for private and  business customers. We have the most diverse solutions, tailored on a case by case basis, according to the client’s needs.

House Clean Service
Deep Cleansing
Cleaning Maintenance
Post-Construction Cleaning or Removals

House Maid Service
All housekeeping including maid service, laundry and ironing

House Keeping Service
Take care of small tasks in the house while the owners are away.
Caring for and touring the animals
Small and Large Scraps, Mail, etc.

Condo Clean Service
Cleaning of Common Areas
Garage Washing with Auto Washers (Lava and Dry)
Containers Garbage service

Office Clean Service
Cleaning Offices, Shops, etc.
Window / Window Cleaning

AfterWorks Service
After-work cleaning – total space cleaning
Pavement Maintenance (polishing, waxing and vitrification)

Garden and Pool Service

Cleaning and maintenance of gardens and pools

Supply of Consumables (Office, Wc, hotels etc …)

Household – Offices

Carpeting, Maples, Rugs, dry with beats brushes and or the injection, wrapping (water) and rotary.

Post Works – Garages

Swimming Pools and Garden Maintenance

Elderly Support Service

House Sitting and Pet Sitting


Support for the Elderly

idoso2The well-being and quality of life of your elderly are our priority!

In an age where the difficulties of managing one’s own body are the main obstacle and in a time when families do not always have enough time or knowledge to devote to their families, a qualified professional becomes indispensable.

The well-being and quality of life of the elderly is our priority, so our Elderly service provides you with a wide range of specialized services, thinking about the specific needs of each one.
A team of qualified and specialized professionals who have extensive experience in this area of assessment.

Support in activities of daily living.
Hygiene care and personal comfort.
Residential cleaning.
Preparation of meals and medication.

House Cleaning General

shutterstock_71804017Our Maid service is a much more advantageous service than the traditional maid.

We offer competitive prices. We provide a professional service.

We offer minimum contracts of two hours per week, which allows the client a freedom in the number of hours that he intends to contract.

We ensure that all our employees are in uniform, with liability insurance and references.

Our Maid service is made up of a team of two cleaning professionals, trained and assured to carry out the requested cleaning service .

We always send the same cleaning team to the client’s house. We offer a diversified service package that highlights our full-service home ironing service.

Our team of professionals is specialized in optimizing the time in the cleaning tasks and they do it with all  the necessary equipment  and only use cleaning products that preserve and privilege the good atmosphere of your home.

Our  cleaning services  enables us to be one of the only ones on the market to offer a high quality cleaning service for your well-being, family and pets!


shutterstock_135206828 Looking for a Cleaning Company to cover all types of needs of your condominium?

Limpa Lisboa provides cleaning services in condominiums using machinery of high pressure, Auto washing machines and others, in all the surrounding areas.
Our teams work on a time schedule and on agreeded days with the client, transporting the whole range of products and equipment suitable for the treatment and conservation of each type of building floor and condominium area.

Our cleaning services for condominiums include cleaning the following areas:
Entrance Hall, Stairs, Laundry of Patios, Garages, Box, Terraces and Balconies if necessary, Arrecadações and Rooms of Condominium.

Treatment of floors, non-slip, waxing, vitrification and maintenance of linoleum floor.

Movement (collection) of containers of domestic organic residues.
Glazing, Stripping and Varnishing
Mechanized Parking Garages and Garages
We are equipped with pressure washer systems

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